Touch History…Design the Future

It’s so easy to walk into a showroom and select the perfect pieces for the homes we’ve lovingly designed. Yet, we often don’t think about the progression of construction and manufacturing that got us to the point where an “I’ll take that” is all it takes.

This blog series, “Touch History…Design The Future” by The Bienenstock Furniture Library is where we take a closer look at the evolution of the manufacturing, building and design processes we have to thank for many of the items we see in homes right now; and take a look at the homes themselves.

We explore how we went from artisans and craftspeople skilled in construction, woodworking, upholstery and weaving, to the streamlined processes we know today. What remains of the historical methods and why should we care about them? What impact do they have on our everyday lives?

It’s truly this forward progression that continues to inspire furniture makers, craftspeople and artisans alike to examine new ways of construction, to experiment with new materials, and critically consider the environment where the materials are sourced – and where the finished piece will finally land.

In this series, we’re partnering with manufacturers, industry experts, and more to explore this evolution from multiple perspectives.

We hope you find this exploration enlightening, educational and inspiring!

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