Question:  Happy 100th Birthday, Fairfield Chair Company! What an incredible milestone. Tell us more about what Fairfield was like back in those early days. What did the design and manufacturing process look like? What were some of the skills required and tools used by your craftspeople? What were some of the pieces Fairfield was known for?

Answer:  In 1921 Fairfield initially built dining room chairs and components, soon followed by small club chairs with exposed wood and fully upholstered lounge chairs. At this time, the furniture manufacturing process was absolutely a form of art executed by craftspeople with a high level of skill. Materials like horsehair and moss were used to file construction materials and chair frame parts required hand-set machine specifications which varied from cutting to cutting. Fairfield artisans’ hand-finished exposed wood and upholstered each piece with an exquisite level of skill and methodology. Fairfield chairs built using this authentic, hand-crafted process resulted in heirloom pieces that have lasted for generations. Through the years we have been honored by individuals reaching out to us who have inherited a Fairfield piece they now consider to be a family heirloom.

Question:  What are some of the hallmarks of your production and manufacturing processes that are rooted in Fairfield’s history? 

Answer:  Quality craftsmanship at an exceptional value is the fabric of our company and it is woven into everything we do. Fairfield artisans and craftspeople have always and will always continue to build bench-made upholstery using techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation. Our original, and signature construction features triple doweled joints reinforced at all stress points with screwed and glued corner blocks within solid hardwood frames.

Question:  Fairfield maintains a company archive, which is music to our ears! Why is it important to have this? What items can be found in the archive and where is it located?

Answer:  The culture of our organization has always been modeled and influenced by the amazing family who has owned and operated Fairfield since 1921. This communal, family style culture has resulted in care and desire to preserve Fairfield’s 100-year heritage and history. The archive features a range of photographs over many decades as well as printed materials such as company newsletters and memorabilia. There are even photographs of the original Fairfield family’s homestead dating as far back as 1930.

As part of our 100-year centennial, we plan to publish this archive through weekly content on our social media platforms and a digital library on our website.

Question:  What elements of your original manufacturing processes are still in place today? Why have they endured?

Answer:  Our signature triple doweled construction is the cornerstone of our original process and pledge to excellence through craftsmanship and exceptional value.

Question:  What does the future of production and manufacturing look like for Fairfield Chair? What modernizations will you continue to embrace and what historical aspects will you continue to preserve?

Answer:  Fairfield will continue to honor our heritage of artisanship and bench-made upholstery by blending masterful craftsmanship with current and future technology. We have embraced modernization with significant investments in robotics and automated equipment throughout our frame and upholstery cutting centers. We are also continually enhancing our Design and Product Development processes with state of the art 3-D equipment and capabilities.