High Point is SEEING THE GOOD!

June 10, 2020

COMMUNITY ~ Now more than ever our communities are playing an important role in the way we are living, working and adjusting to change. Never before have we been faced with the challenges of the past few months. Work environments have moved forward in creative ways, new policies have been implemented and an attitude of accepting change has been our driving force.

The way we and our communities have handled this change has given hope to all. High Point Discovered, a blog that promotes and acknowledges the amazing city of High Point, NC began a movement reminding our entire community to #SeetheGood during difficult days. This movement caught on and everyone is pausing to look at all that is good in our town and community. Even during times of uncertainty and change we can ALL #SeetheGood. From helping those in need, distributing food to school aged children and providing encouragement and support to those businesses affected most by Covid-19, High Point is SEEING THE GOOD! https://barbourspangle.com/high-point-discovered/

Karla Webb, Executive Director

Bienenstock Furniture Library