Set designers are becoming more influential in the world of home decor, offering inspiration and nostalgia on the big screen and on television.

A perfect example is the huge influence Mad Men has had on fashion and furnishings. Set decorators Amy Wells and Claudette Didul paid attention to the smallest details to recreate the homes and clothing of the 1960s, sparking a mid-century-modern trend that is still going strong.

I predict that two films coming up later this year will have a similar impact on home decor: The Great Gatsby and Anna Karenina. Gatsby has already inspired a collection by Ralph Lauren that picks up on design details from the 1920s. And look for the Jazz Age to make its mark in home fashions this fall.

Banana Republic, a retailer that had a very successful run with a Mad Men line, is debuting a new collection inspired by the 19th century Russian set and costumes for Anna Karenina, a movie that will be in theaters in November. Look for plenty of velvet, pearls, and faux fur.

Will that also spark a trend for dramatic and romantic furniture designs? We’ve already seen an increase in velvet upholstery and deep jewel-toned colors.

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One of the Mad Men sets, designed by Claudine Didul. Photo from

One of the Mad Men sets, designed by Claudine Didul. Photo from