About Stephanie Lowder

Stephanie Lowder is co-owner of Rare Bird Creative marketing and communications. After receiving a BA in English/journalism/sociology and two years devoted to an MFA in studio arts, Lowder worked for newspapers, adv/p.r. agencies, and corporate marketers as a copywriter, designer, art director, planner and creative director. Unexpected family needs brought her back to North Carolina, where she worked as creative director/marketing with Century Furniture. She then moved on to a stint with a Carolina retailer blazing trails in one-on-one marketing long before most people realized the potential. In 1995, Stephanie started her own company with husband Gary Lowder. Since then her work has been to imagine and create communications for clients – many in home furnishings. Some of the brands that Stephanie has assisted are Bernhardt, Martha Stewart, The Smithsonian Institute, City of Lenoir, Comfort Solutions, Bassett/HGTV, Scott Thomas, Michael Connors, Home Meridian, Laneventure, Celerie Kemble and many more. Lowder is Chairman Board of Governors for WITHIT, and a Member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council. She served as WITHIT, President in 2010 and received the WOW Award, President’s Award in 2007 and the Wow Award, Mentoring Finalist 2006.
Rare Bird Creative

The History of Mirror: Through A Glass, Darkly

The mirror has been in existence almost as long as humankind. By legend, the first mirror was formed in the ancient Himalayas when a little brook tarried to rest itself, as if to ponder and reflect upon its course. Thereby, in time, the first woman walked and looking down into the pool was surprised by­—another girl!—which she slowly came to understand as a reflection of herself.