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Cheminne Taylor-Smith is Senior VP of Brand Marketing for Tobi Fairley & Associates, a full-service design and consulting firm. She has held posts in the home industry in retail, manufacturing, media, and most recently as VP of Marketing for the High Point Market Authority. Her full-spectrum experience in home décor, combined with the talented branding and interiors team at Tobi Fairley & Associates, bring a fresh perspective to promotion and marketing. She has a proven track record in marketing and public relations, including at Elle Décor, where she worked as part of the team that took the publication to the top rung in the shelter category. Margaret Russell, now editor-in-chief of Architectural Digest, calls her a ‘creative visionary’ in home décor marketing. She also has strong ties to media, including print, online, blogger, and broadcast, which allow her to achieve strong media coverage for her clients.
Tobi Fairley & Associates

The Ubiquitous No. 14

You may not know the name Michael Thonet, but you’ve probably sat in one of his chairs hundreds of times. Thonet was a German-Austrian furniture maker and designer who developed bentwood furniture and the incredibly popular No. 14 chair, known as the Cafe Chair, that is used in bistros and restaurants around the world.

Spotlight: “Making Design” at The New Cooper Hewitt

To celebrate its renovation and reopening in the incredible Andrew Carnegie Mansion, New York’s Cooper Hewitt—Smithsonian Design Museum is showcasing a selection of its collection of 210,000 furniture and decorative objects from all over the world and spanning 30 centuries—with a new exhibit, “Making Design”, on exhibit now and, according to the Cooper Hewitt, “until it’s not.”

Design on Film: A Festival of Style

The focus in the design world last month was on the High Point Market, the largest home furnishings trade show in the world. So you may have missed another festival that took place in New York. The Architecture & Design Film Festival is in its fourth season, showcasing over 25 films on architecture and design from around the world.

A Proper Setting

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of the wildly popular BBC/PBS series Downton Abbey. Fans are eagerly anticipating the third season here in the U.S., which will begin airing in January. The series has sparked a renewed interest in Edwardian style and an appreciation for British historic homes like Highclere Castle, which is the real-life setting for the fictitious Downtown Abbey.

Set Design: The Great Gatsby & Anna Karenina

Set designers are becoming more influential in the world of home decor, offering inspiration and nostalgia on the big screen and on television. A perfect example is the huge influence Mad Men has had on fashion and furnishings. Set decorators Amy Wells and Claudette Didul paid attention to the smallest details to recreate the homes and clothing of the 1960s, sparking a mid-century-modern trend that is still going strong.

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